VYG02 – Harvey Sutherland – Brothers EP

Emerging from Melbourne‘s hyper-creative inner-suburbs, armed to the teeth with analog synths and velvet grooves, Harvey Sutherland is undoubtedly one of the most exciting electronic producers bubbling down-under right now. He’s spent the last few years weaving through Melbourne’s vibrant underground scene, putting out kaleidoscopic sounds that have garnered support from Max Graef, Bradley Zero, Glenn Astro and Motor City Drum Ensemble.

His new EP, Brothers, is a four-track exploration through cloud-busting pads, lo-fi jazzy leads, cosmic moog basslines and 808 house-infused shuffles that is sure to lull any dancefloor into a trance-like state. The EP is out now on Andy Hart’s Voyage imprint, yet another awe-inspiring producer popping up in Melbourne at the moment.

Listen to the full EP here>


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